Plant Cooling
The costs associated with plant cooling are extremely high and as a result you find few plants that are air –conditioned. We have been successful in using our Jetstream equipment in conjunction with evaporative cooling equipment to deliver significant benefits to industry in terms of employee comfort during the warm summer months.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of the cooling aside from its relatively low operating costs is to directly attack those areas where employees are working in areas of high temperatures by using spot cooling.

Heat Recovery
Many processes require direct exhaust to the outside based on air quality and high temperatures of the exhaust air.

We have successfully used our Jetstream units, heat exchangers and temperature controllers to use this wasted hot air as a means of heating outside air and introducing it back into the plant as heated makeup air. In warmer weather the hot air is bypassed and the vents continue delivering 100% fresh outside air. Again the savings using such systems are very significant.

Heat Transfer
Many plants generate a considerable amount of heat by virtue of their manufacturing process. In most cases the option is to exhaust this hot air.

An alternative to this, if the hot air is clean is to transfer it to other locations in the plant which could benefit from this warmer air, such as shipping area’s and shipping docks. Using non – modulating Jetstream units and Fabri – Jet Ducting, the return on investment is extremely attractive.

Unheated Make-up Air
Our jet stream units will handle air distribution from 6,000 to 72,000 cfm. Using a combination of inside and outside air modulating dampers which are integrated into a governing temperature controller, the amount of outside air to stratified inside air is adjusted automatically.

With plants that have a high ceiling in which the ambient temperature is considerably higher than floor temperature or through their manufacturing process generate a considerable amount of heat, Jetstream units can offer substantial savings over the use of heated make-up air.