Silicone Fabric is impregnated with fibreglass and withstands temperatures in the range of 500-700F. See specifications below.

15.0 oz/sq. yd.  +/- 10%
0.14” +/- .001 THK
Tensile Strength – Warp – 200lbs./sq. in., Weft – 150 lbs./sq. in.
Tear – Warp – 50 lbs. Min., Fill – 40 lbs. Min
Burst – 400 lbs. Min.

Temperature Resistance
1000 Hours -500 F – No Change
1000 Hours -700F – wt Loss 10%, Strength Loss 50%

This material is ideally suitable for applications were heat is a concern. Factories, food processing plants, green houses, etc. The increased material thickness with the silicone coating helps to not only resist heat, but also expansion and contraction during temperature changes.

Each fabric duct, comes complete with the required hardware to suspend, secure and retain each section of fabricated ducting. Spring snaps, air craft cable, tension clamps and oval snap rings are included to aid removal for cleaning purposes if required.

Hi Temp Silicone Ducting

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